What Can You Do with a Marked Deck?

As we all know, marked decks have secrets at the back of the cards used by mentalists and magicians. This helps them to identify the back of the card just by looking at it. According to magicians, it is said that you can make your marked decks, but you will find amazing marked decks out there in the market.

To understand what can be done with a marked deck, let us have a look at the types of it. Two types of marked decks are commercially available

  • Reader system marked deck
  • Coded system marked deck.

The cards that are marked with a reader system helps you in knowing what card it is just by looking at it. All you have to do is look at the place where it has been marked. For example, the 7S symbol means 7 spades. On the other hand, a marked card with a coded system makes use of clues and codes that can be used by the player in identifying the card.

Marked decks can be of great use to magicians as they can perform marked card magic tricksIt is better to avoid marked decks while playing cards especially if you are playing with money. The marked deck can be easily identified by the opponent player which might get you into trouble. This is a legitimate and genuine tool for magic shows which can be used by the magicians to entertain people. 

Marked decks will not be able to do miracles when it comes to magic. The magician will have to use his skills to the advantage. A marked deck is one of the tools that are used while playing cards or performing magic shows. The demand for marked decks is so high in the market these days, which shows that there are fantastic ones that are being produced in the market.

Before purchasing a marked deck you need to decide whether you want a reader system or a coded system. It is also important to carefully buy the style of deck that suits your needs.

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