High Tech Emotional Mirror Concept

Have you ever noticed that while you smile, others smile too? That while human beings smile at you, that you nearly cannot assist smiling lower back at them? This is all ideal regular, we’re conditioned for those mirroring strategies from the time we’re infants, and not simply us, but all the other primates on this planet too. Well, why no longer take this truth and use a touch excessive tech to improve the general feelings of ourselves and our fellow man. Why no longer expand non-public tech equipment to assist us pay it ahead with a smile? Let’s speak, I actually have a brand new invention idea I’d like to simply kind of throw obtainable to the arena, maybe you may invent this? Weather Apps

First, permit me give an explanation for how I got here up with this idea. You see, there has been an interesting article titled; “Emotion detectors should make using safer,” published on March 14, 2014 in e! Science News online, which said;

“Technology now permits us to read facial expressions and perceive which of the seven accepted feelings a person is feeling: fear, anger, joy, unhappiness, disgust, marvel, or suspicion. This may be very beneficial in online game development, medicinal drug, advertising, and, perhaps much less glaringly, in driver safety. We understand that further to fatigue, the emotional kingdom of the driving force is a chance component. Irritation, specifically, could make drivers greater aggressive and much less attentive. Tests performed the use of a prototype imply that the concept ought to have promising programs.”

The device uses facial recognition generation to decide the motive force’s feelings. That’s exceptional isn’t always it, and it is able to work, specifically with those who’ve trouble containing their emotions, I am questioning teens here. Still, what if rather than adapting to the terrible feelings of the driver or man or woman working the automobile, what if we pre-improved their feelings prior to getting at the back of the wheel, what if we made them (you, I, hell anybody) glad from the get-pass, from the time they were given up within the morning as an example?

Why now not have your replicate at home look at your emotional nicely-being and determine in case you are as satisfied as you have to be to go out into the arena, then if no longer, have it mission an picture of you smiling instead of your actual reflection? No, this isn’t always misleading due to the fact as soon as you spot that smiling face of yours or projected photo, you will now not be capable of assist your self, you may smile again, it’s form of like a -way replicate on the subject of human emotions.

Now then, if your reflect finds you happier than the happiest photograph it has on document, it takes a brand new picture and uses that to any extent further! You like this concept, then create it and make masses of money, and promote thousands and thousands of units world-wide, take your company public and live nicely and be happy! Think on this.

Lance Winslow has released a new provocative collection of eBooks on Future Self Help Concepts. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank