Easy Vehicle Maintenance With Automotive Tools And Equipment

With high quality automotive tools and equipment, vehicle maintenance is an easy job even for a novice. A complete kit of automotive tools includes a large range of implements required for various jobs such as repair, maintenance, tuning and in general, to ensure smooth running of the vehicle. With a onetime investment on a complete set of automotive tools, a vehicle owner can save on the fees paid for professional tuning and servicing every year. paint thickness gauge

Basic Automotive Tools

Automotive equipment distributors have a wide range of tools and equipment to meet the needs of different types of vehicles. They include simple tools such as:

* Monitors

* Hammers

* Jacks

* Dollies

* Screwdrivers

* Brake lathes

* Sockets

* Heat guns

The above are a few of the basic tools required for the servicing of any vehicle.

Advanced Automotive tools

For more advanced maintenance, high quality, sophisticated tools are required, which can be basically categorized as follows:

* Auto Lift Equipment: Used to access the under-carriage of the vehicle for cleaning and repair purposes.

* Lubrication Equipment: Includes oil pumps, grease valves and oil meters needed for periodic lubrication of the vehicle.

* Air Compressors: Generally used to measure tire pressure, and if required to inflate or deflate tires.

* Tire Changers: Helps in changing tires quickly.

* General Service Tools: Includes body equipment, wheel balancers, paint, brake fluid exchangers, booster cables, battery chargers and other tools which help in periodic servicing of a vehicle.

* Exhaust kit: The exhaust equipment and hoses are manufactured to withstand high pressure and heat. It is essential to buy manufacturer approved exhaust kits as it can be dangerous to use sub-standard equipment.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of the wheels to be perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Wheel alignment is a highly complicated process, and needs to be handled precisely according to manufacturer’s specifications. Therefore, is essential to use high quality equipment like Hunter alignment equipment. Proper wheel alignment with computer based Hunter wheel alignment equipment is linked to various benefits such as:

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